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Orbital Welding Repairs

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Precision Welding Supply (PWS) specializes in orbital welding and provides the highest quality service to an international customer base. Since 2004, we’ve been repairing equipment back to factory specs for many industries from our greater Philadelphia area facility. Our years of experience and extensive orbital welding knowledge ensure your equipment is accurately diagnosed and repaired quickly. However, when you can’t afford downtime, we provide rental units typically sent out the same day.

Repairing a ….

Orbital Welding Repair Services

Our welding repair services allow customers to focus on workflow without worrying about improper repairs completed by employees not properly trained in orbital welding repairs. Since downtime and the extra expense it causes are highly costly, hiring a company specializing in orbital welding is essential to reduce your downtime with quick turnarounds from experts in equipment repair. Our welding repair services also save customers from stocking their own replacement parts, as we stock common replacement items for fast repairs.

We have experienced and well-trained technicians who provide quality orbital welding equipment repair to various customers. Additionally, we maintain constant communication with our customers throughout the repair process, keeping them informed of any items that may require close attention due to signs of wear that could result in future issues. This ensures that our customers are aware of any potential problems before they become bigger concerns, allowing them to take proactive measures to address them. One of the stand-out features of our welding repair service is our phone support which allows our experienced staff to guide customers through resolving small issues over the phone, saving them valuable time.

Highlights of our welding repair service include:

  • Nearly 20 years of industry experience
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Expert phone support for customers to complete on-site repairs
  • Large selection of in-stock replacement parts
  • Quality materials and repairs
  • Rental units for customers requiring replacement equipment to avoid downtime while theirs is being repaired

Our Process for Repairing Equipment

We understand that equipment repairs are usually unexpected. Therefore, we make sending your equipment in for service simple. 

  1. Customer contacts us with their issues via phone or email. 
  2. The customer fills out a repair form. 
  3. We provide an expected turnaround time and downtime estimate to the customer. 
  4. We offer rental units, if needed, so customers can continue working during the repair. 
  5. Our experienced technicians make necessary repairs and return the repaired equipment in a timely manner. 


Our customers are always impressed with our responsive staff and quick turnaround times. We offer phone support to help customers work through issues over the phone instead of forcing them to send in the equipment for repair, which can reduce downtime for their operation. Some customers we serve with quality orbital welding repair services include well-known brands across the world, such as:
  • Boeing 
  • NASA
  • Global Foundries
  • BMW Constructors
  • Flour
  • Ameco
  • Kinetics
  • STS Aerospace
  • Linde
  • Pall Corporation
  • Princeton University
  • Agnitron Corporation
  • Airgas
  • Anderson Dahlen
  • BASF
  • Bane Nelson
  • Helion Energy
  • Matheson Tri-Gas
  • Harder Mechanical
  • Mott Corporation
  • Titeflex Aerospace
  • Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Unions

Precision Welding Supply’s Expert Orbital Welding Services

Working with a company specializing in orbital welding will save you time and the frustration of conducting equipment repairs in-house. Precision Welding Supply’s well-trained technicians have the experience and knowledge to repair your orbital equipment with a wide range of in-stock replacement parts for fast turnarounds and reduced downtime. Contact us to learn more about our welding repair services.