Precision Welding Supply




Orbital TIG power supplies have been designed to be user-friendly and intuitive to generate programs easily. Intuitive touch screen interface and automatic parameter calculation mode integrated into the generator. Program classification by welding configuration. 2 separate gas lines, Several options available to monitor the internal purge gas. Compatible with some closed heads of the following brands: AMI, Polysoude, ESAB, Orbitec et Orbitalum.
SAXX-200 Power Supply
An Orbital TIG power supply
Model NumberSupply VoltagePower SupplyInlet PressureMaximum Flow Rate
SAXX-200110 to 230 V +/-15%23A at 230V and 32A at 110V5 bars50 l / min per gas line
SAXX-300400 V +/-15%24A5 bars50 l / min per gas line

Additional Accessories or Technical Specifications


  • Cooling connector provided for SCOOL-700 cooler only.
  • It must be connected to the SAXX-200 to operate (No standalone operation)
  • Max pressure: 5 bars
  • Cooling power according to CEI60974-2 standard: 0.7 kW


  • SACG-X200 is a trolley for SAXX-200 power source.
  • Module for transporting the SAXX-200 and gas cylinders up to 10.5 m3
  • Net Weight: 22 kg
  • Dimensions (cm): 117 x 51 x 57


Product Description

New range of orbital closed welding heads to meet the most demanding welding requirements in the most confined spaces. Grease-free operation: compatible with clean room standards.

Perfect gas protection in the welding head thanks to the closed chamber: welding with very limited coloration.Easy to use: Intuitive interface and parameters adapted to the characteristics of the tubes. Software integrated into the SAXX power sources range. High-quality and repeatable welds in a minimum space!


  • High protection against arcing outside the electrode
  • Power drive system with encoder: allows starting in all angular positions of the electrode
  • Water cooling of the electrode holder and aluminium flanges
Model NumberWelding RangeWeight
SATFX-526-52 mm8.6 kg
SATFX-766-77 mm8.9 kg
SATFX-11512-115 mm9.4 kg

Used to weld pipes together, joining them permanently with many possible joint designs. Machines can vary depending on the welding method, such as TIG, MIG, or stick welding. Orbital pipe welding machines are for highly precise applications where either it is required by the customer, or the user is looking for highly repeatable welds with low rejection rates.


Product Description

Microfit closed head with cassettes for orbital TIG welding, powered by SAXX power source.
Grease-free operation: compatible with clean room standards. Optimal positioning of tubes and fittings in the cassettes with an optimized clamping system, without risk of deforming the part to be welded. Optimized inert gas diffusion: welds with very limited coloration. Easy maintenance and cleaning: thanks to a tool integrated into the machine body.

  • 1/8’’ to 5/8’’, ø 3 ø17.2 mm
  • The SAMX17 is a cassette type orbital welding head. It is controlled by AXXAIR’s power sources.
  • The air cooled SAXX200 orbital power supply is recommended
  • The SAMX17 machine can weld different tube configurations (Tube/Tube – Tube/elbow union– Fitting/Fitting …), 3 types of siteplates and various accessories are available
  • Duty cycle of 70A at 50% and 80A at 40%
  • Single integrated tool for disassembling the machine, adjust/change the electrode and position the jaws
  • Constant effort cassette locking lever: Stable holding of the cassette, without the risk of over tightening
  • Integrated remote control (start/stop, gas and electrode rotation)
  • Illuminated logo while welding
  • Belt hook
  • Delivered in a shockproof case