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Rentals & Consumables


At Precision Welding Supply (PWS), we specialize in providing rental equipment and consumables for orbital welding applications. Since 2004, our professionals have dedicated themselves to delivering cost-effective solutions to help our customers complete their jobs faster and with greater quality. With our range of user-friendly equipment and proficiency in welding, we provide both the necessary tools and expertise to ensure that you can complete your task with precision, even without experienced welders.

Benefits of Renting from PWS

Our welding rentals and consumables service addresses various pain points that customers often face, making them an indispensable resource for anyone who needs welding equipment and expertise. Below are some common pain points that our product helps alleviate:

  • Cost-effectiveness through rental options
  • Faster job completion with efficient equipment
  • Subject matter experts for guidance and support
  • Equipment selection that matches specific job requirements
  • High speed and quality results
  • Exceptional customer responsiveness and communication
  • User-friendly equipment that is easy to train on and does not require experienced welders.

Rentals & Consumables Product

Our commitment to responsiveness, cost-effectiveness, and service-oriented problem-solving sets us apart from our competitors. Moreover, we collaborate with our customers to ensure they have the resources to complete their tasks on time.

Some of the key features of our rental program include:

  • MK Rentals: Our rental inventory includes durable and versatile MK orbital welding machines with advanced features such as automatic welding and remote control capabilities.
  • Axxair Rentals: We offer precise and efficient Axxair tube cutting and beveling machines for preparing tubing before welding.
  • Weld Heads: We have a variety of carefully maintained weld heads, both open and closed, designed for specific applications such as boiler tubes or thin-walled tubing.
  • Cut-off Saws and tube squaring: Our value-added services include precise and efficient cut-off saws and tube squaring tools for optimal fit and welding.
  • Manual TIG Welders: Our easy-to-use and highly portable TIG welders with adjustable amperage and digital displays provide manual welding options.
  • Oxygen analyzers and video borescopes: Our oxygen analyzers provide accurate measurements of oxygen content in welding gases, while our video borescopes are used for visual inspection of welds and tubing.
  • Pre-ground Tungsten: Pre-ground Tungsten allows consistent and reliable arc ignition and is available in various sizes.
  • Arc Machines: Arc machines are advanced orbital welding systems that offer precise control and repeatability for several welding applications.

Rentals and Consumables Process

Our rental process is designed to be highly responsive and streamlined, ensuring customers get the equipment and consumables they need quickly. We offer same-day pickup or shipping options for our rental equipment and on-call support for additional consumables or repairs.

We also provide value-added services such as cut-off saws, tube squaring, and manual TIG welders to ensure you achieve the best possible results in your welding projects. What’s more, our experts are always available to provide on-site support and assist with any concerns that may arise.

Get Started with Precision Welding Supply Rentals and Consumables

At PWS, we offer a wide range of rental equipment and consumables to support welding needs in various industries, including construction and manufacturing. We provide high-quality products from top brands and ensure they are well-maintained for optimal performance.

With 50 years of combined experience, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, problem-solving approach, and ability to provide customized solutions that meet every client’s requirements.

Contact us today if you’re looking for reliable and cost-effective rental equipment and consumables for your orbital welding projects. Let us help you meet your goals on your next project.