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Tube Squaring and Tube Facing Tools

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Tube squaring and tube facing tools are that are used in the fabrication of stainless steel tubing systems that carry and deliver gases, liquids, steam, or food products with components that must be joined by way of butt welded joints. These systems must be clean on the inside and maintain the purity of the materials being carried.

The welded joints must have minimal or no uneven surfaces or gaps that could produce a mismatched weld joint that could potentially serve as a trap or dam for contaminant build up within the process line.

A Model 306 Tri-tool
Model 301.5 SP
A Model 301.5 SP Tri-Tool

Tube Facing Tools

These types of systems must also be free of metal chips or metal shavings as the introduction of chips or shavings into the system has the potential to damage valve seats, regulator seats, or other components downstream to the point of introduction. Abrasive cutting discs, band saws, and other cutting machines generate chips or shavings. In the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries the electro-polished tubing.

The tubes are typically cut using a chip-less tube cutting tool. This process does not generate chips but only dust. The squaring of the end of the tube that will be butt welded requires a facing operation which unrolls the chip towards the outside of the tube. The facing bit must be precisely positioned and then locked into place in order to achieve this consistently.

Tube Squaring Products

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