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Precision Welding Supply (PWS) Keeps and Maintains a large inventory of Tube Squaring Machines as part of our Rental Fleet. These machines are used in several different industries including but not limited to Aerospace, Simi-Conductor, and Pharmaceutical. In these industries precision tube and pipe squaring is required. These machines are designed to ensure that the ends of tubes are perfectly square, which is essential for proper fit-up when using orbital welding equipment.

Renting a tube squaring machine can be a practical solution for businesses on a budget or when taking on jobs that don’t require long term use of the machine. Renting also provides the customer with the bonus of support. Tube Squaring machines are known for being robust, but this does not mean mistakes and damage do not take place. When this happens Businesses waste time and manpower ordering parts, taking apart a machine, and putting it back together. When a rental facer is damaged contact PWS immediately we can have a replacement ready to go the same day.

Probably should be a tube squaring machine
Probably should be a tube squaring machine

Tube Squaring Machine Rental

Our rental fleet consists of multiple different types of orbital tube squaring machines for several different applications. PWS has inventory of multiple brands of facers. Giving our customers the best options for their application. Here is a model generalized by two types of Orbital Tube squaring machines. understanding these two types will help you to make a decision when choosing a Orbital Tube squaring machine.

Portable Models: These are lightweight, and most are battery powered. This makes them perfect for traveling to different jobsites, and squaring tubing in hard-to-reach places. These machines are designed for squaring small O.D tubing and work well with wall thicknesses up to an 1/8 of an inch.

Bench Models: These are made to be used on a bench or tabletop. Although heavier than portable models, they have a greater range of sizes they are cable of squaring. They provide stable operation when squaring large O.D tubing and thicker wall thicknesses.

Take a look at the different models and ranges of Facing equipment PWS offers and if you have questions at all please feel free to reach out to us a (610) 384-8484 or send us an email at