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Pipe Fabrication Tools

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Pipe fabrication requires multiple tools for accuracy, efficiency and repeatability. This combination of tools will save time and money on the jobsite. Here are some common tools used in pipe fabrication space:
AXXAIR Orbital Cutting Saw 122FS19

Pipe Cutting Tool / Machine

A tool used to cut pipes to the required length. There are many different types of cutters on the market. In the orbital welding space, we mostly stick to orbital pipe cutters. These are ideal for use in the orbital welding world for quickly getting accurate cuts on pipe and tubing. Orbital cutters are much more precise and leave much less material that may need to be prepared to perform a weld.

Pipe Bender

These tools are used to bend pipes to a specific angle without deforming or causing damage to the pipe or tube. Manual benders are common types used for smaller diamters, and hydraulic or electric benders are used for bigger diameter tube or pipe.

Pipe Threading Tool

Used to create threads on the end of a pipe, allowing it to be screwed into fittings or other pipes. Both manual and electric threaders are available.
Orbitec Pipe Welding Head with wire feed

Pipe Welding Machine

Used to weld pipes together, joining them permanently with many possible joint designs. Machines can vary depending on the welding method, such as TIG, MIG, or stick welding. Orbital pipe welding machines are for highly precise applications where either it is required by the customer, or the user is looking for highly repeatable welds with low rejection rates.
Tri-Tool Surefire8 Pipe Beveling Tool

Pipe Beveling Machine

Used to create a beveled edge on the end of a pipe, which is necessary for welding. These beveling machines can put different prepped ends on a pipe like a 37.5 degree or J Prep. The goal is to leave the prepped pipe smooth, clean, and undamaged either by a mar or overheating the pipe during the machining process.

Pipe Reamer

Used to remove burrs and smooth the inside edge and outside edge of a pipe after cutting, ensuring there is no extra material that could affect the weld.
Walhonde Pipe Clamp

Pipe Fitting Tools

Including wrenches, jacks, stands, rollers, pliers, alignment clamps, and vises, these tools are used to assemble and tighten fittings onto pipes securely.

Measuring Tools

Such as tape measures, rulers, and dial calipers, are used to measure and mark pipes accurately for cutting and fitting.

Pipe Clamps

Used to hold pipes securely in place during cutting, welding, or fitting processes. These are absolutely necessary for keeping alignment of the pipe. These will save you much aggravation in the field too.

Safety Equipment

Including gloves, goggles, shields, and helmets, is essential to protect against hazards associated with pipe fabrication.
Just like most work, the better prep that is done, the better the result will be. These tools, along with proper training and technique, are needed for successful pipe fabrication.