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Orbital Welding Services

For nearly two decades, Precision Welding Supply has specialized in orbital welding and related services. It’s our goal to solve our clients’ pain points, whether that’s complex job requirements, a project’s time frame, budgetary constraints, or lack of knowledge. Our services range from rentals to equipment sales and training to calibration.

From our facility in the greater Philadelphia area, we serve clients across the globe in industries including aerospace, semiconductors, oil and gas, nuclear energy, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, dairy, and breweries. We emphasize not just high quality in our services, but also responsive customer support and competitive pricing.

Arc Machines Inc. Orbital Welding Equipment

Services at Precision Welding Supply

Orbital Welding Equipment Rentals

We’re here to help when it would be more cost-effective to rent high-performance equipment rather than purchase it. Precision Welding Supply maintains a large inventory of orbital welding rental equipment from leading brands, giving you a broad spectrum of choices to fulfill your specific needs. Our rentals are available in varying power supplies and weld head sizes, with pipe and tube sizes of 1/8 inch up to 6 inches. Typically, we’re able to offer same-day shipments on equipment brands like:

  • MK Products
  • Arc Machines
  • Liburdi/Dimetrics
  • Swagelok

You also have the option to rent end-prep equipment and miscellaneous tools. In addition to the brands above, we have Tri Tool, Wachs, George Fischer, and Protem products, available in sizes ranging from 1/8 inch to 8 inches. Our offerings include:

  • Cutoff saws
  • Tube squaring
  • Manual TIG welders
  • Tungsten grinders
  • Oxygen analyzers
  • Gas regulators
  • Video borescopes
  • Purge mandrels
  • Flowmeters

We aim to provide you with all the equipment and tools you need, regardless of the size of your orbital welding project.

Orbital Welding Equipment Training

Our hands-on training programs are applicable to those who are new to welding, new to a particular piece of equipment, or simply need a refresher. We’re equipped with a range of orbital welding machines, enabling you to practice on varied equipment, make test welds, and become familiar with the process. For your convenience, we provide in-house, on-site, and virtual educational training.
Orbital welding training
Arc Machines Inc. Orbital Welding Equipment
Orbitec EVO 200 WP Orbital welding power supply

Equipment Sales

At Precision Welding Supply, we offer reliable, high-quality equipment as well as services. We’re an orbital welding equipment distributor, purchasing and selling new and pre-owned products from brands like Tri Tool Inc. and MK Products. Reach out to our team or review our site for information on our current inventory or assistance in finding the ideal equipment for your operation.


We also have pre-sharpened tungsten electrodes available for purchase, with varying options for materials, diameters, lengths, angles, and finishes. Unlike user-ground electrodes, ours decrease variability when producing welds, allowing for greater stability, consistency in arc-starting, and increased electrode lifespan. Also, to ensure a high-quality product, we precision-grind tungsten for our electrodes utilizing best-in-class equipment, followed by microscopic inspections to verify consistency.
Pre-ground tungsten electrodes
Calibrating a MK Cobra-Tig 150 power supply

Calibration Services

Precision Welding Supply offers fast, cost-effective calibration services to verify the performance of your orbital welding equipment and minimize downtime in your operation. Calibrating your equipment is a proactive way to identify potential issues like rust, damage, or premature part failure and support high-quality, consistent welds. We certify our own equipment each year per the requirements of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Comprehensive Service Offerings From Precision Welding Supply

Backed by over 50 years of combined experience, our team of engineers, welders, foremen, supervisors, and quality assurance representatives are here to help. We’ve built an extensive collection of service offerings to ensure that we can assist you, regardless of your particular equipment needs or the size of your project. If you’re looking to own or rent equipment, schedule calibration services, or train on our welding machinery, contact us today and learn more about our single-source solutions for orbital welding services.