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Orbital Welding Systems

Orbital Welder Blueprint
Precision Welding Supply is a premier supplier of gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) orbital welding systems from all major manufacturers.

The design and construction of gas and liquid delivery systems for the semiconductor, aerospace, pharmaceutical, dairy, medical, research & development, photovoltaic (solar), oil, and gas industries frequently require the use of orbitally welded piping systems to achieve consistent, high-quality precision welds in a cost-effective manner. In the manufacture of microchips and Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s), “High Purity” (HP) and “Ultra High Purity” (UHP) weld quality standards must be followed to ensure predictable, high-integrity welds and to prevent contamination of wetted surfaces which could compromise the quality of a customer’s process output.

Orbitec EVO 200 WP power supply
AMI M9-2500 Orbital Weld Head Repair

Arc Machines Inc. M217 Power supply with a 8-2000 weld head

Orbital Welding System Equipment

  • Orbital Weld Head: The welding torch is mounted on an orbital head that rotates around the workpiece. This rotation allows the torch to complete a full 360-degree weld, producing a uniform and consistent joint.
  • Control Systems: These systems are equipped with advanced control systems (PLC or microprocessor) that allow for precise control over welding parameters such as welding current, voltage, and travel speed. This ensures that the welding process meets the customers’ required specifications.
  • Welding Power Supply: Orbital welding systems use specialized power supplies that provide the necessary energy for the welding process. These power supplies are often designed to work seamlessly with the control system to achieve optimal welding conditions.

Orbital Welding System Features

  • Automation: Orbital welding systems are designed to automate the welding process, ensuring consistent and high-quality welds while reducing the risk of human error.
  • Programming, Memory & Data Logging: Orbital welding systems can be programmed to follow specific welding procedures. Can store and recall welding parameters. This allows for consistency in welding quality, making it easier to meet industry standards and specifications. Weld count and system diagnostics are also available.
  • Inert Gas Shielding, Internal Weld Purging, & Purge Gas Purity Monitoring: To protect the weld from atmospheric contamination, orbital welding systems typically use inert gas shielding. This ensures a clean and defect-free weld by preventing oxidation and other atmospheric reactions during the welding process. Optional gases are available to monitor purge gas purity for moisture and oxygen concentration.
Orbital Welding Systems

SAXX-200 Power Supply with SATFX-115 weld head

Industries Served

Orbital welding is commonly used in industries where high-quality, repeatable welds are required, such as in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical equipment, semiconductor components, aerospace applications, and pipelines in the oil and gas industry.

Tube-to-Tube Welding

Orbital welding systems are particularly well-suited for welding tubes or pipes together. This is crucial in industries where leak-tight joints and high purity levels are essential, such as in the production of process tubing/piping for food and pharmaceutical processing.

Equipment Manufacturer Overview

Precision Welding Supply rents, sells, and services high-performance orbital welding equipment manufactured by leading brands such as:

  • Arc Machines Inc. / ESAB
  • AXXAIR (SFE Group)
  • Orbitec
  • Swagelok
  • MK Products
  • Liburdi / Dimetrics