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Orbital Cutting

Precision Welding Supply



Robust and powerful orbital cutting machine.
High-precision cutting without tube deformation.
Evolutive machine : can be transformed into an orbital bevelling and welding machine.


Cutting precision: perpendicular cuts < 0.25 mm

Scalability: May be transformed into a bevelling and orbital welding machine Dual-output cutting motor with 2 blade positions for uptake

Saw Model NumberOpening Capacity:WeightMotors AvailableMotor Spec
81M110.197 - 3.07 in33.0 lbs--
121ECO10.25 - 4.5 in83.7 lbsECO11300W
122FS150.25 - 4.5 in97.0 lbsFS151200W
122FS190.25 - 4.5 in97.0 lbsFS191200W
172FS150.625 - 6.625 in112.4 lbsFS151200W
172FS190.625 - 6.625 in112.4 lbsFS191200W

Additional Accessories or Technical Specifications