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Precision Welding Supply is a one-stop shop for all your orbital welding equipment needs. We supply everything from the power supply micro-processor to the consumable pre-ground tungsten electrodes. One of our experts would be happy to assist you to best choose what equipment is needed for your application, be it in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, aerospace, bio-pharmaceutical, dairy, water filtration, automotive, chemical, subsea, oil and gas, brewery, beverage, or nuclear space.

We carry a large inventory of different brands to accommodate all of our customers’ needs. Our equipment ranges from 1/8″ thru 6″ tube and pipe sizes. In most cases, we have the equipment you need in house and ready to send the same day.
AMI Orbital Welding System


Power Supply Weld Heads Available Welding Range
SAXX-200 SAMX-17 0.250″-2.000″
SATFX52 0.250″-2.000″
SASTFX76 0.250″-3.000″
SATFX115 0.500″-4.500″

MK Products

Power Supply Weld Heads Available Welding Range
CobraTig-150 4000 MINIMICRO 0.125″-0.500″
5003 COPPERHEAD II 0.500″-3.000″
5001 COPPERHEAD I 0.125″-1.000″
5006 DIAMONDBACK 2.000″-6.000″
5002 COPPERHEAD II 0.250″-2.000″

Arc Machines

Power Supplies Weld Heads Available Welding Range




9-250 0.093″-.250″
9-500 0.093″-.500″
9-750 0.125″-0.750″
9-1500 0.750″-1.500″
9-2500 1.000″-2.500″
9-3500 1.000″-3.500″
9-4500 1.500″-4.500″
9-7500 2.875″-7.500″
8-2000 0.250″-2.000″
8-4000 0.500″-4.094″

Liburdi / Dimetrics

Power Supplies Weld Heads Available Welding Range
150 PTW
PTW 160
A1 0.125″-0.250″
B2 0.125″-0.500″
5002 0.250″-2.000″
5004 0.500″-4.000″
L-2000 0.500″-2.000″
L-4000 0.500″-4.000″


Power Supplies Weld Heads Available Welding Range
4MRH 0.250″ and down
8MRH 0.875″ and down
5H 0.500″ and down
10H 1.000″ and down
20H 2.000″ and down
Rent Orbital Welding Equipment

Reduce project costs by renting orbital welding equipment instead of making expensive purchases.

Why Rent Orbital Welding Equipment?

One of the main reasons why companies rent equipment over purchasing is cost. A new complete welding system can range in cost anywhere from the $35-55k range per system. This option saves on maintenance costs, high monthly payments from purchase, storage needs, and higher insurance costs. Availability can sometimes play a key role in this decision too, where supply chain issues are a factor. Rentals give you the peace of mind knowing that if any issues occur while on the job, there will be a quick solution, avoiding costly downtime. If there is a weld blowout, a technical question about one of the functions on the equipment, assistance with general setup or tweaking a procedure, you have the support needed from our team to keep you moving forward, spending your valuable time on the task at hand. A rental also gives our customers the ability to try a certain brand, to see if it is a good fit before committing to a purchase.

Our Fleet of Quality Welding Equipment for Rent

Here at Precision Welding Supply, we pride ourselves on providing quality equipment at a competitive rate. All of the equipment we rent goes through a comprehensive check-in, testing, and repair if needed. We stock a large amount of equipment to support from small to even the biggest jobs. Some of the manufacturers we carry are Arc Machines Inc. / Esab, AXXAIR, MK Products, Tri-Tool, Orbitec, Liburdi / Dimetrics and Swagelok.
Orbital Welding Systems
Brewing Facility Welding Equipment Rental available at Precision Welding Supply