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Cobra® Coolant

Cobra® Coolant

Protect your MK Cobra welding system by keeping it cool.

Cobra® Coolant – Aluminum Protection

Don’t forget to protect your MK Cobra Welding System by keeping it cool with Cobra® Coolant/Cobra Venom Juice.

Formulated especially for use in systems where aluminum parts are used. May also be used in any system where high frequency current is not present. Contains additives to inhibit algae growth and protection from freezing.

Improved Gun Performance For use with all Water Cooled MK Guns and Orbital


  • Designed for all Water Cooled Cobramatic Guns.
  • For use with orbital welding equipment: the CobraCooler® and the CopperHeads®.
  • Cobra® Coolant required with the CobraCooler®.
  • Material Safety Data Sheet available.

Model Number and Line Power

Order by the bottle or by the case.

Part No. 931-0060: 1 Gallon (3.78 Liter)
Part No. 931-0060-4: 1 Case (4 Gallons)

Safety – MSDS

  • MSDS 091-0598 Rev A – Jun 2009Cobra Venom Juice/Coolant: View PDF