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Precision Welding Supply stocks and distributes a wide variety of orbital welding equipment in Jersey City, NJ. From power supplies and weld heads to tube squaring machines and other end prep tools, we can provide your facility with everything you need to begin and improve your orbital welding processes. Customer service is the cornerstone of our company and we go above and beyond to assist you with the selection of your orbital welding equipment. Different applications, materials, and tube or pipe sizes require different components and system specifications. Our orbital welding technicians in Jersey City boast over 50 years of combined experience. We can suggest you the most optimal equipment for your welding needs.
Jersey City, NJ Orbital Welding Equipment
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Purchase or Rent an Orbital Welding System in Jersey City, NJ

Orbital welding is a process utilized across many different industries to obtain predictable, high-integrity welds. This process relies on orbital welding systems that allow for seamless rotation of an electrode around the workpiece. A key feature of our orbital welding systems in Jersey City, NJ, is their automated control and parameter calculations. This simplifies the welding process, eliminating the need for manual adjustment of travel speed, current control, gas flow, and other technical specifications.

With remote monitoring capabilities, orbital welding systems also improve both the comfort and safety of their operators, limiting their exposure to hazardous fumes. Precision Welding Supply works with customers to provide a custom orbital welding system tailored to their operations. Our orbital welding systems in Jersey City, NJ, are available for purchase or rent, ensuring a solution for every budget.

Jersey City, NJ Tube Facing & Squaring Machines

Before pipes and tubes can be welded, it is important to prepare their surface. Surface preparation involves the use of a tube squaring or facing machine that rotates around your workpiece, removing burrs and other surface defects and ensures the perpendicularity of its face. This is particularly important in “high purity” industries where poor weld quality can lead to contamination.

Precision Welding Supply distributes tube facing and squaring machines in Jersey City, NJ, from both AXXAIR and Tri Tool. Our tube cutting machines can accommodate a range of thicknesses and sizes, offering dynamic support for different tubes. Additionally, these tools are portable and can easily be transported between worksites or work stations. Some of our AXXAIR squaring machines also feature beveling functionality, minimizing the amount of equipment needed in your welding process. Contact us today to request a quote on a tube facing machine for your Jersey City facility.

Tube Facing & Squaring Machines in Jersey City, NJ