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Portable Coolant Recirculator conveniently attaches mechanically to the CobraTig 150XM.

This recirculator is a separate stand-alone unit that conveniently attaches mechanically to an MK Products CobraTig® 150 welding power source.

The cooler provides recirculation of water to an attached weldhead that has provisions for Water Cooling.

The CobraCooler® is designed to be used with CopperHead® model orbital weldheads.


  • Mechanically integrated assembly latches tightly under CobraTig 150 power supply.
  • Provides water cooling for any MK Water Cooled weldhead.
  • Includes high impact shipping case.
  • Coolant Type: Use Cobra® Coolant (Aluminum Protection), P/N 931-0060.
  • Cobra® Coolant required with the CobraCooler.

Picture of MK Products CobraCooler®

Model Number

Model Number 250-153

Cobra Coolant. Aluminum Protection. For improved performance with all orbital welding equipment like the CobraCooler and the CopperHeads, MK Products offers Cobra Coolant (931-0060).

  • 1 Gallon (3.78L) P/N 931-0060
  • 1 Case (4 Gallons) P/N 931-0060-4

Most Popular Accessories

  • Weldhead extension cable, P/N 005-0635. It comes complete with all the necessary cabling to adapt the MK orbital weldheads: control cable with 24-pin connector, electrode and ground cables, inert gas hose and water hose assembly with quick-disconnect connectors. This 25-ft. extension cable is to mate any of the MK CopperHead series weldheads to the CobraCooler.
  • A 50-ft is also available under P/N 005-0635-50.